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Entries: 637
17.09.2002 18:34, Waledawg E-mail Homepage :
werd yo... your site is bangin... i love your style... cant wait to see what else you do...

17.09.2002 17:48, G!RL E-mail Homepage :
OMG! this is definately the hottest site i have seen for a while, if not *ever*.
i always liked your style so much and this is icing on the cake. thumbsup!

17.09.2002 17:38, Saige E-mail Homepage :
Looks great, glad you noted me about it.

17.09.2002 16:58, anni`- E-mail Homepage :
hey vega naise seite hast du da gemacht gefällt mir gut, vorallem das oben rechts und links im interface, die halter ... tighte grüsse von anni (deviantart)

17.09.2002 16:54, vega0ne E-mail Homepage :
Oh, just noticed the guestbook problem - it should be fixed by now!

17.09.2002 16:28, Fozzie E-mail Homepage :
Great site. Great work. Great!

17.09.2002 16:09, jankin E-mail Homepage :
Hey! Ne richtig tolle Website hast du hier. Wie ich shon auf sagte, die grafiken sind auch echt geil! Nur weiter so...

Und ja, du hast das Backgroundbild falsch gelinkt. (file:///D|/Alex/Projekte/Homepage/Prototype/guestbook/middle.gif)


17.09.2002 15:47, zkreso E-mail Homepage :
Looks incredible as always man, great work!

17.09.2002 13:22, dino (rohyphnol) Homepage :
great work man, your pieces are of a high caliber....nice site too

17.09.2002 13:20, jason :
great site...keep it up..

17.09.2002 12:22, Night Angel E-mail Homepage :
Very nice! Only thing is this guestbook...why is there only white?

17.09.2002 11:50, poluter E-mail Homepage :
Hi there! I just want to tell you that your website looks really great. Lovely graphics! You've done a great job with it! I'll keep visiting it, thats for sure! :]

16.09.2002 22:07, daFRISCH E-mail Homepage :
grooooßes reh speck ;)
an die seite!
"is a Wahnsinn" oder "ur leiwand"
was soviel heisst wie sehr genial!
werd auf jeden für dich voten (wenn ich rausfinde wo mans macht.)
peace out to wopper tal!

16.09.2002 21:16, Koray 2nd :
...very awesome graphitis!! & graphics...
perhaps u can add it

16.09.2002 20:42, Koray :
this site is hot! great number of graffitis!! & graphics. keep it up uleg!

16.09.2002 19:26, Sven E-mail :
alles klar herr olek. is auf jeden fall ne sehr geile homepage. also an alle die dies sehn mit voten und den olek gewinnen lassen damit er ne party für uns alle schmeisst!!!!!!!!!!!!

12.09.2002 15:33, vega0ne E-mail Homepage :
Welcome to my guestbook
Feedback is greatly appreciated, so just add a message :)

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Entries: 637
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