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Entries: 637
18.09.2002 23:43, killthewaitress :
Lookin' good.
Very nice site dude.

18.09.2002 17:06, greg Homepage :
damn... cool stuff!!

18.09.2002 14:36, Wiedo E-mail Homepage :
I always liked your work and i realy like this design to! maybe you could add our site to your links and we will add yours... ?

18.09.2002 12:48, GtAkReYz E-mail Homepage :
This is like *the* best site I've ever been to!
I trully adore it, the top nav bar is sweeeet, the grafitti style descriptions are perfect, it's all magnificient!
The gfx r0x0rz, I am IN LOVE!
Only thing that bothers me is the use of frames. It works alright, but you can easily get ride of them with SSI...

18.09.2002 10:46, Moe :
alles Klar mann wie ich sehe iss die Resonanz auf deine Seite gross.echt fat man hold da shit tight da mit ich auch ma meinen senf dazu gebe!ok meld dich dann ma heut sitze hier gerade in school
und hab eigentlcih Sowi aber das heisst im net rum scheissen!wie auch immer lass die Flugblätter ma die tage machen! die leute hier auch begeistert von der page habs überall rumposaunt das es meine ist;-)) naja bis dann hold it clean and tight!Moe

18.09.2002 08:20, PhantomLegacy E-mail :
Sup Vega! Tight side.

18.09.2002 07:03, Joe Joe on the Radio E-mail :
VERY SHWAG WEBDISGN YO~massive propz or your ill skillz bro

18.09.2002 05:46, Flip-Dev E-mail :
yo dope shit you got here, respect to ya! keep dis shit up... -one

18.09.2002 04:33, your god Homepage :
!! this site is amazing! you did an excellent job designing this site... you definately have some incredible talent!

18.09.2002 03:32, delicious Homepage :
i'm stunned. awesome.

18.09.2002 00:32, eks E-mail :
ho shit. this design is fukin clean. this mess sick as fuck.good job man. i didn't expect it to look this good.

17.09.2002 22:49, haxon E-mail Homepage :
yeh..i think your site looks dope! and the gallery alone is worth the visit.. ;)

17.09.2002 22:28, xpurityx E-mail :
Hey, thanks for noting me about your site. It looks awesome! Very clean and easy to navigate.
Take care

17.09.2002 21:50, blash E-mail :
hey,najs site m8, don't forget you owe me D2LOD :PP

17.09.2002 21:33, atari- E-mail :
i'm envyous of your graf. i have some that i haven't uploaded. maybe i should.

17.09.2002 21:14, BasicShift E-mail Homepage :
Very nice site, love the interface and clean design. The updates are a little off when viewing with Mozilla, but overall it works well even outside of IE (yeah!). Great job, I look forward to seeing more of your stuff, adn if you haev the time check out my site @, although its under repair Id love to hear any comments.... thanks

17.09.2002 20:19, Spanky :
this site = total pwnij > *

17.09.2002 19:55, antisleeper E-mail Homepage :
cool. i love all the graphics. why shouldn't a site about gfx be graphic intensive. cool stuff as ever _/ james

17.09.2002 19:53, sketch mosley E-mail Homepage :

17.09.2002 18:48, shadowfuri E-mail Homepage :
The site looks simply amazing. Even though it does have a lot of graphics it loaded pretty quickly on my p.o.s. 56k, great job.

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Entries: 637
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