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Entries: 637
23.11.2002 20:12, CloudBurst E-mail Homepage :
I love your skills, your design and your site! :D keep it up! :D

20.11.2002 01:41, Andrew Homepage :
SICK!! your site is nice man keep up tha skills!

18.11.2002 02:05, Rivella :
clicked on the link on your DA page and found this nice website....
you've got some serious skills, keep up the good work!

18.11.2002 00:06, Attila E-mail Homepage :
Great site man, first time visiting.. and I love it.

17.11.2002 21:05, SmK E-mail :
yo vega.. shit man.. ur style is ill.. i dint get to come 2 ur site for wuh? like 10 months? haha aiite man.. take care..

15.11.2002 02:16, Naut E-mail :
nice site, sweet tags, nice backgrounds everything is awsome. I just wanted to add that i think you should sell your stuff on i know that i would definately buy everything u made on this site and im sure maaaaadd other people would buy your stuff too. -Also, whats a good tag name for me?

11.11.2002 17:14, Fabian H :
Yo Oleg,
Die Seite ist ...naja abgefuckt,
aber im Ernst echt geil! Hab heute die Flyer gesehen und war echt geschockt ...die sind Hammer!
also denke mal,dass wir uns spätestens auf der Party sehen. Geb dir dann n'paar Fässer Bier aus. keep it going - Slut!

04.11.2002 21:11, G!RL E-mail Homepage :
just wanted to say hello again. you're doing alright? this site is still one of my faves in the whole web...take care

02.11.2002 22:08, konartizt E-mail Homepage :
great website. i love every section and part of it. im definately bookmarking this one down. keep up the great work vega.

from: a big fan!

01.11.2002 15:42, Kilo Graphikal E-mail :
tite ya work

01.11.2002 08:29, Veggie E-mail :
Sweet site ofcourse.

But isn't your splash image at a litte blurry? Looks like the quality was decreases when saved.

31.10.2002 18:01, Harry aka BS(Bad Spraya) E-mail :
Dein Style is fett! wie alt bist du?? bin 14 kann noch nich so gut sprayn! so bin ich auf meinen namen gekommen! gib mir mal n paar tipps wie ich besser werden kann!! Mail:

29.10.2002 18:27, Allstarr E-mail Homepage :
great site dude...yep i like the style here...
very cool layout...
geetings Allstarr...
trade links?

22.10.2002 23:33, PhraserONe E-mail Homepage :
aouwtch.... man, what a site...goddamn... you leave me speachless... and I thought I had made some progress...keep it rocking dude!!

13.10.2002 18:36, MarZ E-mail Homepage :
hey dude.. nice site wanna affiliate?

12.10.2002 17:37, Alex E-mail :
Also ich kann mich an die Lobeshymne nur anschließen. Ich gratuliere Dir zu Deinem Erfolg.
Na, ist ja Deine langjährige Übung.
Grüße an Alle!!! von Alex

04.10.2002 15:56, Stephen Homepage :
Very nice work with the site - you've done a great job of transferring your style into an awesome looking website.

04.10.2002 13:58, benni :
olex wie wärs mal mit nen paar lüstigen pics auf deiner fast vollkommenen hp was geht samstag bei dir???

04.10.2002 03:10, acmax Homepage :
Glad to see one of my favorite DA artists rock his own site. Awesome work man. :)

01.10.2002 14:18, Pilli Willy E-mail :
Ein dicken Respekt für deine Seite.
Sie bewahrt ein gewisses understatement. Wenn Du Lust hast am Wochenende zusammen mit Tilli Willy was zu reißen, ruf an !

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Entries: 637
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